The 10 best play kitchens for toddlers

Our favorites at various budgets and sizes

Some of you might be thinking “Why should I give my child, especially if it’s a girl, a hyper-gendered toy like a play kitchen?” We think every child -boy or girl – should have a play kitchen!

Children love playing different roles and scenarios in imaginative play. Play kitchens give them the opportunity to imitate situations that they have observed at home such as cooking and serving food, reactions to getting your favorite meal or trying interesting food combinations. It is very beneficial for their development.

Why should all kids have a play kitchen?

    • Long gone are the days when all play kitchens were pink! Today, there are lots of gender-neutral kitchens on the market.
    • Play kitchens boost fine-motor skills. Turning knobs, cutting fruit and stirring will help your child develop these skills on the fly.
    • Want your child to play independently? A play kitchen can be just that. It’s a safe environment to experiment with lots of things. It can easily occupy a toddler for 15-20 minutes. Score!
    • Play kitchens also boost language and communication skills. Kids can learn words such as “hot”, “cold” or start naming foods and utensils.
    • A kitchen can improve your child’s numeracy skills. They can count how many forks or plates they need or how many minutes I’ll take until dinner is ready.
    • It also promotes learning about different types of pretend food, such as fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat and thereby encourages them to make healthier food choices. Children like creating delicious dishes which can encourage them to try eating that food in real life as well.

Therefore we have compiled a list of play kitchens at various budgets and sizes to give to your children.

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