The best Wimmelbooks for Kids

All around Bustletown by Susanne Rotraut-Berner

Keep your kids entertained with detailed illustrations. Wimmelbooks or hidden picture books are perfect “all-age books” that offer parents and kids lots of room for interpretation. When using a Wimmelbook with little kids, parents can teach words and basic story concepts. Older kids and parents can talk about what may be happening to the characters and kids may be able to “read” the book to younger siblings. But which Wimmelsbooks are the best? We share our favorite Wimmelbook line “All Around Bustletown” by Susanne Rotraut-Berner. 

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Review Summary

The Wimmelbooks by Susanne Rotraut-Berner open up new and seemingly endless worlds. Children discover familiar objects, animals and characters but also learn lots of new things. The illustrations are lovingly designed with great attention to little details. These Wimmelbooks are ideal for ages 2 and up but also offer lots of entertainment for older children and parents. When reading them together you can expand your child’s vocabulary and thereby build an important foundation for their ability to communicate with others. Wimmelbooks are an excellent possibility to learn and play at the same time.

Review Content

What is a Wimmelbook?

  • A Wimmelbook or hidden picture book is a word-less picture book.
  • It’s full of drawings that often show people, animals and objects.
  • A Wimmelbook is an ‘all-age’ book because the creative illustrations appeal to little but also older children and adults. 
  • Wimmelbooks can be used to teach kids about real life and how people live. Kids discover things that are familiar but also lots of new things. 
  • For toddlers Wimmelbooks can be used to teach basic words and concepts to expand their vocabulary.
  • Older children can ‘read’ the book to others and can interpret the images to make up stories
  • A Wimmelbook is an educational, interactive book that offers parents and kids the chance to talk together about they see.

The best Wimmelbooks by Susanne Rotraut-Berner

Author and illustrator Susanne Rotraut-Berner has created wonderful Wimmelbooks. All books are sturdy board books. Each book shows 7 large-format illustrations of different places: an apartment building with garden, a farm with fields and meadows, a city center, a train station, a multi-level department store and a large park with playground and cafe. Each page is filled with lots of people, animals and objects that take the bus, work at the construction site, feed the ducks at the park or buy new clothes at the store. When flipping from page to page, all characters repeat and tell a story. For example the story of the woman that keeps missing the bus or of the parrot that escapes home.

Susanne Rotraut-Berner Night Wimmelbook
All Around Bustletown Night

Read Wimmelbooks together with the whole Family

Susanne Rotraut-Berner Winter closeup
All Around Bustletown Winter

Wimmelbooks invite you to:

  • Point at things and name them to learn first words
  • Ask you child “can you find…?”
  • Talk about what you see and what you think is happening
  • Make up your own stories
  • “Read” the book to others
Our Review
Susanne Rotraut-Berner Spring Wimmelbook
All Around Bustletown Spring

We love the Wimmelbooks by author and illustrator Susanne Rotraut-Berner. They are actually really fun for children and adults alike. They are ideal for bilingual families such as ours due to the lack of words on the pages. Due to the large size format even multiple children and parents can look at the same time. The illustrations are simple and yet it never gets boring. Even very young children that cannot talk yet enjoy them because they can understand and see. 

My children have constantly discovered new things and have “grown with them”. I highly recommend the All Around Bustletown Wimmelbooks. 

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